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Brian Swichkow

👋 Friend, I'm 📝Brian Swichkow; an entrepreneur, marketer, writer, and artist.

In 2014, my clients were refusing to pay over $200,000 in commissions that my agency had earned by selling their information products. Knowing the marketing, I convinced myself I could create better content and a stronger brand.

The first story I (ever) wrote was about pranking my roommate with eerily targeted Facebook advertising. I submitted it to 📝Reddit's /r/marketing and, within hours, it had hit the 📝Front Page. My blog received 450k pageviews in 72-hours and had more than 38k backlinks within 30 days. The resonance with the story resulted in me being featured, or mentioned, by AdWeek, Forbes, the Observer, and more.

While I'd written about Facebook, the story had gone viral on Reddit and I was labeled a 📝Reddit Marketing Expert. So, I rebranded as 📝Ghost Influence and positioned the site as a Reddit-first, marketing agency and educational community.

However, after years of championing the 📝co-creative magic of, and in, the Reddit community, I'd grown tired of correcting the belief that the platform is just an easy way to go 📝viral. For years, my mantra has been "📝Build cool shit and change the world" but it felt like I had strayed from that path. It wasn't until one of my advisors, 📝John Zdanowski, funded 📝Spiritual Bro that I was able to refocus on this goal.

I am a 📝Meticulously Ridiculous, 📝Spiritual Entertainer on a mission to 📝Elevate The Human Frequency; expanding 📝Spiritual Capital through 📝play.

If you feel resonance and see synergy, let's sync. Click my face in the bottom right to chat with 📝Brian.bot (the augmented me) or share an email.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you're also welcome to join us at our bi-weekly 📝Symposium; a gathering in space for collectively curated got 📝co-creativity.

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