Brian Swichkow's Reddit Ads Art.

Ads to elevate my projects, my friends, and the human frequency with 📝Meticulously Ridiculous, 📝Spiritual Entertainment.

Text me+ at (310) 455-8836, AMA anytime.

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Why I'm doing this?

I've been called a '📝Reddit Marketing Expert' but grew tired of telling corporations that Reddit is a community; a co-creation of meaningful contributions.

Rather than lecture their leadership teams about the value of 📝Spiritual Capital, I discovered more joy in practicing 📝co-creativity with friends—new and old.

This website is a catalog of my reddit advertisements* and the context behind what they each promote.

tl;dr — It's my ambition to become the least hated advertiser on reddit. Ask me anything.

*Ads with animations are shown below, if you'd like to experience the full list see #my_reddit_art.

The Ads


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