Aligning The Spirit


In 📝Aligning Your Spirit (newsletter), I wrote—somewhat jokingly—about my desire for intention-driven, writing assistant; kind of like a spell check for the spirit. Previously, I had described the idea as "a spiritual version of 📝Clippy" and, in the email, called it 📝Spiritual Bro; an satirical poke at the '📝wokeness' spreading across social media.

One of the twenty people who received that letter was 📝John Zdanowski and he, in the conversations it prompted, offered to fund it and became the first '📝Big Bro'.

After two months of development, the first version of 📝Spirit Check was ready. It's a kid of mechanized, 📝Linguistic Therapy; an 📝Engineered Subconscious.

I started showing this ad to /r/JoeRogan and other 📝Super Normal communities:

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The words we use create the worlds we see. When we raise the frequency of our vocabulary, we raise the vibration of our lives. We built this to 📝Level Up, together.

So far, we have bootstrapped the development of our 📝Minimum Viable Product with wisdom gifted by 📝Raj Singh that "📝It's all about what not to build." Within the Spiritual Bro brand is a community, a mastermind, and (soon) an e-commerce store. We will soon discover what channel will enable us to build more value for our Bros.

For more context, see: 📝Aligning The Spirit (advert)

Brian Swichkow
Published on:
June 8, 2019