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Todays social gatherings are largely based on 📝consumption—of food, drink, drugs, sports, or other entertainment. Co-consumption only passes the time by covering up a lack, and leaves us feeling all the more empty. The significance of the superficiality of our social leisure becomes apparent when we contrast that sort of “fun” with 📝play.

Only through the latter activity is there the possibility of getting to know each other’s strengths and limitations, character, and inner resources. Real intimacy comes not from telling about yourself, but from 📝co-creativity, which brings out your true qualities, invites you to show that aspect of yourself needed for the task at hand.

As 📝Symposium, our bi-weekly gathering, has shifted away from co-consumption so too have other aspects of my life. This journey, catalyzed by 📝The Ascent of Humanity, has (re)connected me to my innate 📝Spiritual Capital and been present as friends have experienced similar. It wasn't until someone hit my motorcycle and 📝John Zdanowski loaned me his Tesla that we discovered the magic of mobilizing this co-creativity.

What was once called the 'Tesla Talkshow' is, now, 📝Show One; an active meditation grounded in play and broadcasted live, made interactive for those present.

While we're in talks with potential, resonant sponsors we're continuing to live stream pilot episodes from John's Tesla a few days a week. And to receive reflections of the format, language, etc., I've begun showing this advert to the /r/startups community:

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My favorite episode, thus far, was an impromptu—laughter filled—chat with 📝Dylan Weisman; talking about the show, about manifestation, and about the cultivation of one's own mental state. Interspersed between our talking during transport, we are partaking in co-creative adventures (to be live streamed later). If you'd like to be present for, and participate in, play with us; subscribe here for updates.

For more context, see: 📝Podcast At Play (advert)

Brian Swichkow
Published on:
June 8, 2019