Stoned and Single


In late 2018, inspired by 📝Maria Popova's 📝Weekly Email To Seven Friends, I made a similar commitment to further my writing—not knowing what would emerge. Just days before my first email was to be sent and without any notion of a topic on which to write, my friend 📝Ali Spagnola came to 📝Playtest my (also new) 📝Conversation Studio.

At one point, Ali said, "Art is art if the creator calls it art." It resonated and, so, I declared myself an artist in 📝Art And Evangelism (newsletter); the first in the series.

Trouble was, I hadn't decided what my "art" would be. Late that night, after smoking a joint, I found myself out of likes on 📝Hinge and—not wanting to pay for a dating app—I contemplated alternative methods for distributing 📝My Hinge Profile. Like a bolt of lightning, inspiration struck me... I should promote my profile with reddit advertising.

I showed this ad to the /r/TwoXChromosomes in Los Angeles (but only those using iOS devices... because I can't see myself marrying someone who sends me green bubbles).

'Stoned and Single' on Reddit
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In its first week, the ad (above) was seen by 140,000+ people and was—for me—indescribably entertaining. The following week, I wrote about the experience and the aftermath, thus far, in 📝Being Authentically Vulnerable (newsletter).

Ten days in, the ad was mysteriously disapproved for being in violation of 📝Reddit's new—and entirely subjective—'Quality Policy'. However, the experience had prompted me to think of ads as art and that's what catalyzed this site—📝My Advertising Catalog.

The ad also resulted in 📝Will Cady, the Head of Brand Strategy at Reddit, reaching out and attending our 📝Symposium. Will and I found resonance as we discussed consciousness exploration and empathy education. Months later, I discovered that he had introduced me to 📝Alan Watts years prior with 📝What Fills The Gap.

10/10 will advertise my dating profile again, stay tuned.

For more context, see: 📝Stoned and Single (advert)

Brian Swichkow
Published on:
June 8, 2019