Tea With Benefits


In 2018, my friend 📝Jessica Cail gifted me a zip loc baggie of her 📝Longevitea; a blend inspired by 'The Island Where People Forget to Die' which she formulated with ingredients backed by peer-reviewed research. She'd made it as a holiday gift for friends a few years running, but this was the first year I'd received it.

I fell in love with the genesis story of the project and the passion she'd put into the formulation, but the deliciousness of the tea truly put me over the top. I was persistent in my pursuit to acquire more (without waiting a year). Months later, Jess credited me on the Our Roots page when her annual holiday gift became a tea company.

After a dozen similar requests, followed by one friend following me around waving a wad of cash begging me to just make ONE batch,  I decided that if I could make something this healthy taste good enough that everyone wanted more, maybe I was onto something.

I've started showing this ad to /r/nootropics and other 📝Super Normal communities:

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Every order of  📝Longeviteas is filled by Jess and her husband, Bob, from their apartment. Since she launched, I've been drinking two+ pots a day and my favorite is the 📝Immunity; a tasty chai with loads of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.

For more context, see: 📝Tea With Benefits (advert)

Brian Swichkow
Published on:
June 8, 2019