Tipsy Tourist Takeover


In 2015, my Tinder date sheepishly remarked that—despite her pride of being a "local" in Los Angeles—she still wanted to do the "touristy shit." I suggested we do this with costumes and in character to avoid the loss of any street cred.

We never went on another date, but I shared the idea with friends. After a while, I realized that no friend of mine didn't want to participate. It became known as the 'Tipsy Tourist Takeover' and evolved into my birthday party. The first year, we were a group of 15 people; each with 📝Meticulously Ridiculous costumes and elaborate backstories.

The following year, the invitation process—a series of leading questions—was created on the website. You don't have to 📝play tourist with us, but if you leave your house pretending like you don't live here... you're celebrating my birthday 🙏.

I started showing this ad to the /r/losangeles community:

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Historically, I've been too wrapped up in projects to make—considerable—time to promote the shindig. This year, I'm using my advertising skills (albeit later than planned) to call friends—new and old—into the adventure. We'll be meeting atop Arnold Schwarzenegger's hand prints at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood at 11:30AM!

For more context, see: 📝Tipsy Tourist Takeover (advert)

Brian Swichkow
Published on:
June 8, 2019