Art Selling Itself


The idea of "art that sells itself" had first been put into my head by my friend 📝Ali Spagnola when we talked about her 📝Outrageous Infomercial. The conversation, and her saying "art is art if the person who made it believes it to be art," inspired my first artistic creation; an ad promoting my dating profile. That later inspired this catalog.

Despite me being an advertiser—those often rightfully perceived as disruptions to the community and culture of Reddit—I laughed gleefully when this so-called 📝Reddit Art prompted the same 📝playfulness from which it was created. I was told by Redditors, in the comments of my ads, "You. I like you." and "You my sir, is a god."

To level up the play, I started showing this advert to the /r/startups community:

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The advert initially prompted some skepticism at first, but ultimately uncovered some new 📝Friends of Resonance and brought fresh faces to our bi-weekly 📝Symposium.

For more on this ad, see: 📝Art Selling Itself (advert)

Brian Swichkow
Published on:
June 8, 2019